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Title: hold me ('til the tides take my soul)
Author: wonho
Pairing: Wonho/Kihyun (Monsta X)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6750w
Warnings: Depictions of anxiety attacks
Summary: Wonho struggles with anxiety and Kihyun is hopelessly in love with him.

Wonho’s face was so close, and his expression so vulnerable. For a moment, Kihyun had a wild thought of kissing him.

ps: There are no tags since I just requested for them to be made in the tag request entry. I hope it's okay that I post this now anyway! If not just let me know. 

I Need to know - [chanbaek]

GENRE: Angst, One Shot, PG13, Narration

Baekyun is as confused as Chanyeol, but there are things that he needed to know. Things that he never imagined.

A/N: It's been awhile since Ive written anything. Apparently my friend requested me to write her a Chanbaek fic for her birthday. hahahahaha...I hope this won't disapoint her though, cause yeah..it's been awhile. and this is the first Chanbaek fic I've written..

That Is You
Author: kimheechulmiki
Pairing: EXO Oh Sehun/Kim Jongin & Byun Baekhyun/Park Chanyeol
Rating: R (Character death)
Length: chaptered
Disclaimer: This is fiction and its mine. I don’t own EXO.
Summary: Oh Sehun’s husband, Kim Jongin went missing on their wedding night and everyone but Sehun believes that he’s dead. Three years later Sehun meets a man who reminds him of his Jongin, but this man’s name is Kai and has no recollection of Sehun.
A/N: This is loosely based on my DBSK fic Holding Back The Tears.

chapter 1
Rating: T (for now)

Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, romance
Pairing: gri
Summary: Texting isn’t always without risk… and the consequences could be devastating

Part one
On autonomy, alcohol, and the unspoken
Pairing: one-sided!Chen/Lay
Rating: PG-13 (alcohol, basically)
Word count: 2,528
Summary: have it, lose it; learn it, find it. (or so he says.) a treatise, by someone who may or may not exist.
A/N: what can i say, philosophy class left an impression. also this is a dusty thing from last yr, essentially a load of sad nonsense, my apologies ; - ;

( Chapter undefined )
Title: Hunted
Fandom: BigBang
Pairing: Todae, gri
Rating: NC-17/R
Genre: Romance, Violence, Hurt/comfort, Friendship
I'm guessing that everybody dreamt of being a supernatural being when they were kids. You imagined you could fly, travel at high speed, being able to see in the dark, be invisible... Those kind of things. And I get that it looks very fun when you are young. The only things you think of are the fun parts of being something that's not human, not the bad things. And why should you?  Even though you are a kid, you somehow know that it's only in your mind and that you'll never be a weird creature, right? Well, you can't be more wrong.

29 Jan, 2016 - bonds
leo, vixx
Pairing: Leobin (LEO + HONGBIN) and more! (spoilers!)
Verse: A/B/O

Fandom: VIXX
Overall Rating: Mature Audiences/NC-17

Chapters: On-going, but 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 have been uploaded already! You can also check it out on AO3.
Each chapter has it's own ratings and warnings!

a/n: This series was sparked from my displeasure from finding so many a/b/o verse fics with dubious consent, but also the trepidations with consent in the a/b/o verse itself. I wanted to make an a/b/o fic where everything was consensual, so here's the (albeit, very long) fic!!

[To most people, a Soulbond was like a fantasy, a far-away dream that could only be lived through those sappy romance movies everyone cried over. Soulbonds were incredibly desirable, but to Hongbin, it was his worst nightmare.]
17 Jan, 2016 - Run
Title: Run
Author: afrozenflowerr
Fandom: BTS (Bangtan Boys)
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Brief description of violence, death.
Word Count: 3,081
All they could do was run.
16 Jan, 2016 - Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Author: kimheechulmiki        
Length: oneshot
Disclaimer: I don’t own EXO only the plot. This is fiction.
Pairing: Baekhyun & Chanyeol, Jongin & Kyungsoo
Rating: G / Fluff
Summary: Four friends and their New Year celebrations.

Happy New Year
2 Jan, 2016 - Amsalja - Assassin
Title: 암살자  Amsalja
Pairing: Baekhyun & Chanyeol of EXO
Length: Chaptered
Rating: G
Warning: contains death scene, might be uncomfortable to some.
Disclaimer: I don’t own EXO, but the story and plot are mine. Mine!
Summary: Some people have interesting jobs.

author's note: new year, new fics, new pairings, I hope you enjoy this one.

chapter one
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